Activities for Kids

Antalya is a great destination for families with kids of all ages.  There’s obvious things, like the beach, and less well known activities that hopefully we can shed some light on.  Be sure to check back often as we’re always adding new content!

The Beach

This is why the majority of people are initially attracted to Antalya – seemingly endless miles of beaches.  The two main beaches in Antalya are Konyaaltı Beach and Lara Beach.  Konyaaltı Beach is a pebble beach on the western side of the city and stretches for almost 4.5 miles to the Taurus Mountains.  During the summer months you can expect to find all kinds of water sports.  There are lots of little cafes and hotels along the beach.  On the eastern end, the city has constructed a boardwalk area with lots of restaurants, playgrounds, and a bike/running trail.  Lara Beach is a rough sand beach on the eastern side of the city.  On the far western side of the beach, there are some cafes.  The further east you go, there are lots of little “private beaches” that you can pay to enter and have a beach chair and order food.  Many of them also have inflatables on the water.  Both Konyaaltı Beach and Lara Beach are blue flag beaches, which is the European category for exceptionally clean beaches and clear water.  In the middle of town, there are lots of platform beaches built into the cliffs.  Most of them have a little cafe that have snack type foods.

Agorix Theme Park

Located inside of the Agora Shopping Mall, this really is an indoor theme park.  It’s got great options for big kids and little kids.  For the bigger kids – a ropes course, a roller coaster, bumper cars, several virtual reality rides, theme park rides, and arcades.  For smaller kids – a giant playground area, lots of little racecar/monster truck/motorcyle type rides, miniature go carts, theme park rides (thing tea cups at Disney).  For everyone – Chuck E. Cheese type games where you can earn tickets, state fair type games, and the world’s biggest PacMan/Galaga game.  Entrance the to theme park is free, and each activity costs money.  It obviously adds up, but each game/ride is inexpensive ($0.50 – $3, depending on the game/ride).  This is a great place to escape the heat or to go on a rainy day.

Antalya Toy Museum

Located in the yacht harbor in Kaleiçi.  While maybe not at the top of the list of reasons people give for coming to Antalya, this is a great option for kids who want something that feels more on their level.  This is mostly old toys (50-150 years old), and they are all behind display cases.  There’s also lots of Looney Tunes/Disney characters scattered around that aren’t behind cases, which make for great photo ops for kids who like that.  Great for a change of pace or on a rainy day.

Antalya Aquarium

With lots of exhibits geared towards kids, this is a great option for kids.  It’s got much more than typical aquariums, with a wildlife park, a wax museum, 3D cinema, and much more.  Be forewarned – it’s a bit pricy.  Visit our Antalya Aquarium page to read more, including cost of admission.

Mall Playlands

These are similar to the Agorix Theme Park, but they are much more low key.  Lots of fun things for kids up to about age 10 or 11.  Little rides, a playground area, arcade games, etc.  Every mall in Antalya has one.  Our favorite is at Mall of Antalya.


Located on Lara Beach, Sandland is and open air sandcastle museum that is open year round. There are dozens of sculptures crafted by professional artists out of just sand and water over the course of 9 days.  Each year there is a different theme for the sculptures, and each one is unique to Sandland.

ZipZip Park

A giant indoor amusement park filled with inflatables, huge slides, and trampolines.  There are things for kids as young as 2 and all the way up to older teenagers.  There is a cafe area for parents of older, more independent kids to sit and chat while the kids play.

Antalya Marine Biology Museum

The interior of this museum is shaped like a boat.  It’s a small museum with lots of specimens of marine animals.  For kids who love sea creatures, this is sure to be a hit.


A bit out of the way at 45 minutes west of the city center, but for dinosaur loving kids, it’s probably worth it.  In addition to the dino park, there’s water activities, a 7D cinema, planeterium, and climbing wall.

Konyaaltı Ropes Course

A ropes course built in the forest behind Konyaaltı Beach.  There’s also a park with a playground and trampoline for smaller kids in the same area.  The ropes course is 40 TL, and the kids park is 30 TL.  The park is open year round, weather permitting.

Düden Zip Line

A zip line traversing the river that pours into Düden Falls on the Mediterranean.  The zip line ends just a couple dozen yards from the falls.

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