Düden Falls

Ready for a refreshing stop to drink in Antalya’s natural beauty? Whether as a late afternoon landing spot after a hot day exploring ruins, or a midday oasis to escape the heat, The North Düden Waterfalls make a perfect destination to mix up your sightseeing ventures. Snap a photo from the waterfall overlook, walk through the cave underneath the waterfalls, or find a good picnic table to enjoy a peaceful lunch. And while we’re on the topic of food, North Duden also features food and drink options to meet your needs whether it be a midday gözleme (Turkish pancake) snack, an afternoon ice cream cone, or a full lunch or dinner.

  • Family Friendly?
    Yes, a great place for kids of all ages.
  • Stroller Friendly
    If you stay in the upper area and don’t go into the caves or the lower section, getting around with a stroller should be no problem.
  • Entrance Fee
    Adults: 5TL
    Children: 3TL
    Under 7/Over 65: Free
  • Getting there
    The park is located about 30 minutes from the city center. A taxi should cost 50-70 lira, depending on traffic.
  • Hours
    8:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Restrooms
    Yes. Restrooms cost 1TL and are Western, but not the cleanest.
  • Food
    There are several snack shops situated throughout the interior of the park, as well as multiple restaurants surrounding the park.
  • Parking
    There is a large parking lot that costs 5TL.

If you only have a few moments to enjoy the park, bypass the little souvenir shops (okay maybe grab an ice cream cone while you pass) and head straight for the overlook to get your picture with the waterfall in the background. In peak season, you might have to wait a minute or two for others to finish their photos to get the ideal spot for your photo op.

After grabbing a good photo (or a few) at the overlook, take the circular stone stairwell down into the cave below the waterfall. A short (and usually puddle-filled) walk through the cave will lead you to the waterfall overhang where you can cool off thanks to mist and spray from the waterfall.

NOTE: The uneven ground in the cave and the stairs could be difficult for people with physical disabilities.

Instead of walking back up the stone stairwell, you can opt to walk out of the cave along the riverside. This is also a popular spot for pictures with both river and waterfall in the background. Oh, and don’t miss your chance to hold a parrot!

No need to go out of the park for food and drink as the park features a gözleme place (traditional Turkish pancake) where you can watch them roll out the dough, an ice cream stand (both inside the park and right outside the gate), and a riverside çay place. Or if you prefer to bring your own food, there are also many shaded tables for picnicking around the park.

If you’re feeling up for more of a sit down meal, a short walk outside the park you will find a couple of riverside restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine while soaking up the atmosphere of rich green foliage and the ever-present sound of cascading water literally at your fingertips.

The park also offers several little shops inside and outside the gate to buy snacks or other typical souvenir items. In peak season, there are also camel rides offered for a fee across the street.

NOTE: You can actually see these restaurants from one corner of the park, but can’t access them without walking back out and around the park. Also, these restaurants require a walk down (and back up afterward) several flights of stairs that could be difficult for people with physical disabilities.

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