Heart of Antlaya Ferris Wheel

Billed as the second tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe (after the Eye of London), the Heart of Antalya is situated in the middle of city, offering spectacular 360° views of Antalya – the city, the sea, the beaches, the cliffs, and the mountains.  The Heart of Antalya weighs over 400 tons and was transported in on ships over the course of several months.  Each cabin is clean and comfortable, with padded benches surrounding a table.  Cabins are air conditioned.  Each ticket is for one rotation, lasting 18 minutes.  Be sure to catch the 3D light show displayed on the wheel each night – the lighting system alone cost $450,000!

  • Family Friendly?
    Absolutely – especially because kids are free!
  • Stroller Friendly
    Strollers aren’t really needed – the parking lot backs right up to the entrance and passengers sit for the ride.
  • Entrance Fee
    30 TL for a normal ticket (plus 2TL for a reusable card that can be used by multiple people)
    60 TL for a ticket to skip the line
    200 TL for a 4 person VIP Cabin
  • Hours
    5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • Restrooms
    Yes – clean, Western toilets inside the cafe.
  • Food
    There is a small cafe underneath the Ferris Wheel

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