The Sudd

The Sudd

The Sudd

For many of us, the quality of coffee we discover in a city can be a defining feature of the whole experience. Antalya is no exception, and the coffee game is strong and strengthening daily. Third Wave coffee shops are beginning to emerge and take their place among the more traditional options, and it is an exciting time for coffee lovers to visit Antalya. One of my favorite locations – not just in Turkey, but of all countries I have visited – is a perfect match-up of quality and atmosphere called The Sudd. While still fairly new, they have succeeded in creating an atmosphere that feels fresh and modern, while each location is situated in a distinct and beautiful part of the city: Lara, Konyaaltı, The Port, and the newest location found in the heart of Old Town – a historical area of the city you can’t miss if you visit Antalya

The Sudd’s owners and employees take great care in crafting each cup of coffee, and consider it an art. They are a people who love what they do and are passionate about their craft. The Sudd was one of the first Third Wave coffee shops in Antalya, and alongside their coffee menu they serve drinks like cold brew, healthy juices, and kombucha – which can be hard to find other places. My personal go-to is the classic iced latte in the summer and the spice latte in the winter – and on days where my caffeine intake is already dangerously high, I usually go for one of their selection of juices. And good news: their selection of food to pair with your coffee is just as quality. It is not an extensive menu, but they have several choices of desserts, sandwiches, and even gluten-free options like chia-seed yogurt parfaits – and I have yet to find a rival to their gluten-free banana bread.

The quality of service and commitment to make excellent coffee sets The Sudd apart – and while many other coffee shops come and go startlingly fast around the city, it is telling that they have not only sustained a presence in the city, but expanded to three locations. The trendy, laid-back atmosphere makes it a great place to come and work solo, or bring a friend to sit for a while – they have seating inside or outside and provide covering when it is raining and outdoor heating in the winter. Or, a personal favorite, take it to-go and explore the beauty of the city found right at the doorstep of each location!

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