Antalya Culture and Arts Museum

The name certainly captures what you can expect to find at The Antalya Culture and Arts Museum. It is hard to walk by without stopping to take it in – the museum itself is like a piece of art on the corner of a busy downtown street, wavy colored bars rising high as a facade to the museum’s four story building. But it is worth the time to go beyond the exterior and experience the real exhibitions inside. There is a tiny gift shop on the ground floor, and then you move up to the museum by way of elevator or stairs. It costs money, but is not overpriced. Despite the curiosity stirred every time I passed it, I didn’t experience it for myself until I went with a group of friends – and I was so impressed and delighted when I did!

The museum itself is not large, but the art is displayed across several floors, with the exhibits rotating in and out with the seasons. At the time I went with my friends, it was a stunning collection of photographs taken by a famous Turkish photographer translated to Shards of Light, as well as an exhibit centered on the history of Antalya featuring a wide range of photographs from the early days. It was fascinating to get to discover the richness of the culture through the years and to leave feeling deeply moved by the style and quality of the photographs. Be forewarned, there is nothing particularly geared towards children and it is not an interactive museum, so your kids might lose interest quickly. The displays were stunning, as well as the simple space and quality of the museum itself. It was a very rich experience and if you are visiting Antalya as a lover of art, history, photography, I would highly recommend carving out a couple of hours to experience this museum.

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