Düden Falls (Mediterranean)

Come for the beautiful waterfall, stay for the surrounding park!  The main draw here is obviously Düden Falls, but don’t miss out on the beautiful surrounding green space, cafe’s, adventure activities (rafting and zip line), and huge playground.

Lower Düden Falls Park is located on the Lara side of Antalya and offers a beautiful view of the rushing waterfall that flows down from the Düden Creek over cliffs into the Mediterranean Sea. Watch the sun sparkle on the mist from the waterfall and stay until the sun sets to take in the sight of the waterfall lit up at night. Don’t forget your selfie stick! The viewing platform provides a great opportunity for pictures.

Once you’ve made the trip to the waterfall, stay for a while and enjoy the surrounding green space—plenty of room for a picnic. If you have kids in tow, there is a great playground on the premises for them to get rid of some energy. If you are not interested in picnicking, check out the restaurants available. There is a small cafe near the viewing platform and along the river is a Turkish breakfast restaurant that provides a serine spot to relax and enjoy your “kahvaltı” with good company. If you would like a taste of fresh caught fish, visit the fish market nearby. Just wanting a snack? Grab a quick cup of “çay” or a “simit” from one of the little stands usually located in the green area.

If you are visiting Antalya and would like to take in the gorgeous views and spend some time outdoors, you can’t miss Lower Düden Falls and the surrounding park.

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