From the Ottoman days, Turks have been known worldwide for their traditional bath houses called hamams. In old days hamams were often built into the wealthier houses, and in most cities in Turkey you can find a hamam at the heart of the city, a rich piece of Turkey’s past and present. Hamams, besides many being architectural gems from without and within, can best be described as a community spa/bath house.  The common hamam experience will start with a steam or spa room, and then you have a choice: some simply prefer to use the common bath room, where a central heated stone slab surrounded by basins of hot and cold water – many Turks will come weekly for this cleansing ritual, bringing their own soaps. Another option is to purchase a package that can include a wash down, scrub down, or a massage – or some combination of these. In most hamams men and women areas are separate – but not always, so make sure you pay attention to this detail when deciding on where to go. The hamam is a great cultural experience, but not something you would bring kids to; you can choose to keep on whatever clothing / swim attire you want, but be warned that if you are not comfortable being in an environment where other people have very little on, than this might not be the best fit for you. One hamam that we recommend in Antalya, The Lara Hamam, is a warm environment, familiar with tourists and the cultural experience is complete as they sing traditional Turkish songs that echo in the chambers of the hamam, a haunting tribute to Turkey’s past.

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