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Antalya has lots of great shopping malls, and many tourists from the region come with the sole purpose of shopping. Mall culture in Turkey has a very different feel than it does in the West: more than simply a place to come shop, malls are hubs of the unfolding life of the city. Malls are a common meeting place – whether simply to catch-up with friends or a professional connect at one of their many coffee shops or restaurants. Whole families will often go to the malls to escape the heat of summer or the rainier winter season, and there is usually a cinema on the top floor of each mall.

Below is a list of some of the top malls in Antalya! The different malls will have a lot of the same stores (including a Starbucks and a cinema at every location listed), but we highlighted significant stores for each as well as a link to the full list of stores at each location.


Agora is one of Antalya’s newest and most beautiful malls. It is located near the airport, and the best way to get there if you are using public transportation is by the tramway. It is also connected to an IKEA, so if you are wanting to eat some of their Swedish meatballs (which, incidentally, are actually Turkish) then this is the mall for you! This mall has a bowling alley and a mini indoor theme park on the ground floor, so this is a great place to bring kids! Alongside the food court that is standard at every mall, Agora also has more stand alone restaurants and coffee shops, including Happy Moons, Num Nums, and Kronotrop Coffee to name a few of our favorites.



One of the busiest malls in Antalya, MarkAntalya is situated closest to the Old City (about a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride) and is located right in the center of bustling downtown Antalya. It’s location means that it is always crowded, and a central meeting place for people. Some of the unique stores that you can find here are H&M, Nike, Adidas, and an Apple Center (not an official Apple Store).


Terra City

One of the most easily accessible malls, TerraCity is located in Lara, a popular area of Antalya for tourists. It is a large mall, and more than some other malls it is equally convenient for a quick trip or an extensive shopping time. On its lowest level there is a large grocery store called MacroCenter that has ethnic food you can’t find other places in Antalya – including American cereals, asian sauces, tortilla chips, and a variety of other non-turkish food. So if you are craving that snack from home, or you want to cook a meal while you are here that requires ingredients you can’t normally find in Turkey, this is the place to go! Some of TerraCity’s other stores are Antalya’s only Gap, Decathlon, Adidas, Mark and Spencer, Nike, Mango, and Hugo Boss.  Terra City is one of the best places in Antlaya to see Christmas decorations in December, as seen here.


Mall of Antalya/Deepo

Mall of Antalya and Deepo are two connected malls.  The Deepo side is an outlet mall, while Mall of Antalya has normal stores.  It usually draws people who are looking for great deals, and less a place where people gather. One of our favorite things about Mall of Antalya is the Turkish Delight store, Afyon Lokum Atölyesi (Afyon Turkish Delight Workshop), where they make the Turkish delight right in the store!  Some of its prime stores include H&M, Columbia, Guess, and UnderArmour (all in Mall of Antlaya).



Antalya Migros Mall

Called “5M” (so named because of the giant 5M Migros grocery store in the mall) by the locals of Antalya, Antalya Migros is located in Konyaaltı and is most accessible by bus or taxi if you are using public transportation. If you are staying on the Konyaaltı side of Antalya it is the most convenient mall to go to. It is set apart by having the only Bath and Body Works in Antalya.


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