Tünektepe Gondola (Teleferik)

Tünektepe Gondola is located on the Western edge of Antalya and is a great way to experience the city from a higher perspective. The entrance is located at the base of the mountains and has access to a beach, which makes it a popular campsite and all-day picnic spot for Turkish families.  Once you board the gondola (15 TL a ticket) you ride up the side of the mountain for about 10 minutes, enjoying the view as you ascend higher above the city (the gondolas are non air conditioned, so be warned that they can be a bit hot in the summer).  Once you reach the top you can walk around and take in the stunning views of the mountains, sea, and city on every side – and it is the ideal place to get a group or individual picture taken. There are several small restaurants where you can eat a meal, or simply drink tea/coffee in the afternoon. It is a great thing to do with the whole family, and kids will be excited about riding the gondola and exploring at the top! Thirty minutes to an hour on top of the mountain is probably enough time to get experience it fully, and it is quick but beautiful way to take in the whole of Antalya from the highest viewing point in the city.

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